eh video

2009-07-31 00:19:27 by Lpauley

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2009-07-31 02:03:39

That's pretty awesome good sir. If I do say so myself though... I think you should turn off your fish tank in the background =P

You should so upload this piece to newgrounds. Like as a mp3. I would download it :D

If you want info on ways to convert this video and get only its audio. I'll explain...

You made a pretty awesome song man! Keep at it, this sounds entirely epic.


2009-07-31 02:05:43

I wanna know something though. How did you learn all of this? Did you just think of it entirely the whole time? Memorize the keys? Or did you do a little improv?

Lpauley responds:

i had a small progression that i used throughout with my left hand besides one bridge late in the video. from that, i basically just did somethings that sounded ok. still got a ways to go though. thanks for the comments :D


2009-08-03 07:50:51

It sounds great!